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Bespoke design & development

At JSWD, we treat each project with the same meticulous care and attention. We personalize our projects and listen to the requests and individual requirements of our clients. We know the importance of client input to our design, and we welcome it.In the development stage we only use custom code, created by our lead developer and each project comes with SEO as standard. This means that each client is not only getting a high quality service, but one that is unique and value for money.Our range of services mean that we can provide for all budget sizes. Our fully custom website package starts at just £500. This is the perfect starting point for clients who are looking for a professional online presence. Importantly, JSWD does not take full payment until the client is completely satisfied with the project.Once the project is completed, our aftercare plans offer affordable maintenance for client websites. More information on this can be found here.

Why go bespoke?

The advantages

Creating a bespoke or custom website from day one removes the need to make a costly full scale rebuild when you eventually outgrow your site or your business needs no longer match the design and functionality of your existing website.Having a fully customizable build means that the front page of your business is flexible, unique and much easier to manage. In turn saving you precious time and the costs of creating a new page. Get in touch and we can further explain the many benefits to going fully custom.A superb website is invaluable to any successful business. It acts as the first point of contact between the business and potential clients. A clunky website will undoubtedly put clients off, even the tiny details are vitally important to the success of a website; poor aesthetics and content will turn clients away.The first 12 months of any new business is a crucial stage, and a hurdle that many fail at. Your website is one of your businesses most important components and often it can be a precursor to future success. Simply put, a successful website is a must from day one.JSWD websites come with excellent search engine optimisation, this means that you will not have to rely on costly pay per click ads to compete. Having a custom website with JSWD will give you a fantastic opportunity to optimize your businesses ad placement, appearing ahead of competition, in turn increasing client acquisition and profitability.

SEO (Google rank)

Google search

At JSWD we are highly experienced in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) this means that we will ensure that your website will have the distinct advantage of having the best opportunity to regularly appear above competition. Our meticulous attention to SEO is vital to the success of all websites built through JSWD, as it is such an important aspect of custom web design.All websites we build are tested for SEO optimization and the results are shared with the customer, this transparency means that the customer is able to see the websites standings on a Google search, having the best opportunity to appear above competitors.We regularly achieves high SEO rankings for our clients websites. As a result your website will receive more website traffic, improve visibility of your business, generate more leads and improve profitability.SEO is not the only thing which determines Google ranking, however, it is vitally important as it makes up around 50% to your overall Google position, therefore having a high SEO score is invaluable in creating visibility and clicks for your business.

Modern marketing

How to succeed

Your website is an invaluable tool for your business, and there is no doubt that technology and social media have grated businesses marketing opportunities which are far superior to anything previously seen.With this opportunity, the potential is enormous, at JSWD we utilize our knowledge of 21st century marketing and we ensure that our builds are in the best position to take advantage of all avenues of visibility through SEO, Google Ads, Social media, and high quality content.JSWD creates custom websites from the ground up, built to be flexible and able to adapt to the needs of your business. We avoid the same pitfalls that template based websites can fall into, this is the flexibility to edit and add features, and truly make your website unique to your business and tailor it to your aesthetic needs.New businesses will often need this flexibility in the early stages, and having the ability to easily edit and change your website as your business evolves is truly what makes having a fully custom built website worth it.

Monthly plans

Our no contract monthly plans take care of everything you need, from hosting online and tech support to updates to the website.You can end the service at any time, though we hope our work will make you want to stay. Custom plans could include services like social media management, Google Ads and additional website SEO.

Business plan

  • Domain name

  • Hosting

  • Tech support

  • SSL certificate

  • SEO optimisation

  • Updates/Maintenance

  • Blog management

  • Unlimited mailboxes

  • / £35pcm

Custom plan

  • Plans that include additional services.

  • Contact us for more information.

Additional services

  • eCommerce websites

  • Locational lading pages

  • Social media

  • Google Ads / PPC